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Microsoft Teams Glasgow

Our Microsoft Teams Glasgow experts can support you in joining the digital world to ensure you are fully taking advantage of all the cloud-based features created by Microsoft 365 family. We will help you to enrich your communication, which will improve your collaboration, wherever you are. We know every business is different and our experts can help customise Microsoft Teams to fit your exact needs. Our services can help to accelerate the transition to let you adapt to a new way of collaborating.

The Smarter Way To Be A Team

Microsoft Teams is rapidly changing the way we conduct teamwork. The chat-based, collaborative platform was created as part of Microsoft 365, and increases and enhances communication between users within businesses.

Microsoft Office Teams simplicity allows businesses to adapt to the digital world and facilitates a productive work environment between users.

You and your team have a place to communicate and share data and documents in various ways. You can create projects, assign projects to coworkers, and add people to projects all in one single workspace.

As a cloud-based platform, it is easy to use and allows communication on the go anywhere, anytime, on any device.

How Our Microsoft Teams Glasgow Experts Can Help

Our Microsoft Teams Glasgow experts ensure that Teams will be correctly configured for your specific business requirements.
Our number one goal is to ensure that you and your team can work better together. We have the experience to help you to set up, so you have no downtime.

Deployment Services

You can rely on us to plan and deploy all the services and features currently available for Microsoft Teams. We can plan, test, install and set up Microsoft Teams. We will also make sure you get the most current upgrades and feature enhancements that are appropriate to your business needs.

Training and Support

We offer comprehensive training to give businesses the head start they need today. We can prepare you and your team for transitioning to a new way of working. We are able to customise a range of in-depth training sessions that are geared towards your particular needs. You can have access to support when you need it and we also offer on-boarding help.

Microsoft Teams Consultancy

We know everything from features, benefits and pricing. Our IT consultants can answer any Microsoft Teams related questions you have and will make sure to provide the best practices tailored for your business. We will offer professional insights to help shape and manage your business operations effectively, as well as help to leverage your investment and reduce risks. Optimise your Teams experiences, security and compliance with us.

Why Businesses Need Microsoft Teams

It makes your meetings easier, more flexible and effective through its extremely useful features for business communications.
The shared team space amongst the users will allow for better creative decisions, as well as an overall increase in business productivity.
Microsoft Teams allows group and private messaging with threaded and persistent conversations.

Increase Productivity

Create different channels to organise your communication by topic. Your whole team is able to view, like, share and add documents to conversations. Everyone can stay up to speed as everything is archived. You have the ability to integrate audio and video chats within your groups for up to 10,000 members with just one click.

Enhanced Workflow

For easier management, your meetings are synced with your Outlook calendar. See everything that is lined up for a day or a week. Users can schedule and join meetings automatically to save time and be present.

Work From Anywhere

Call anyone, anywhere in your team on any device with internal and external groups using Microsoft Teams calling, phone system, calling plan or direct routing.

Increased Transparency

All users within a group conversation can easily find, share and edit files in real-time. Your new team members that join can access and keep up with all the shared data. Everyone receives the messages together, which increases the workflow.

Key Features of Microsoft Teams:

  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Instant message conversations
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Accessibility
  • Apps and integrations
  • Security and compliance

Glasgow Microsoft Specialists

At IT Support Glasgow, we have a full house of Microsoft specialists with almost 2 decades of experience behind us.

We are fully equipped to help businesses across Scotland to transit to the Microsoft cloud-based services, no matter where they are in their journey.

Whether you want to make the move, or need support to get the most of Microsoft features, we can make it happen.

Our approach is to customise our services to fit your particular needs, get in touch with us now to find out exactly what we can do for your business.