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Off Site Data Back Up Glasgow

Using an off site data back up solution ensures that your data is locked down and backed up at all times, so you never have to worry about lost data again.

When the unthinkable happens, you could lose your important data in a matter of seconds.

Our three-step off site back up Glasgow based service means you can rest assured that your data is always safe, secure and accessible at all times.

Consolidation of all data and resources

Transfer to a secure off site server

Data verification and security

Remote Back Up In Glasgow

Any business that uses computers is at risk of partial or complete data loss.

Data can be lost through a number of unfortunate events, such as hacking, mishandling or even fires and other accidents.

If you don’t have a remote back up solution in Glasgow, you are at risk of losing important information and having sensitive customer information leaked and stolen.

What Is Off Site Backup?

An off site back up is the process of backing up your company data to another location, hence the term ‘off site.’

The most common form of offsite back up is a cloud-based backup. During this process, a copy of your data is sent over a secure network to a server in another location.

Once the initial transfer is complete, we then schedule regular backups of new data to same location, so that any new data that is generated is also stored in the offsite backup.

The Importance of Off-Site Backups

Many people often wonder why you can’t just store backups of all your information on a server on-site, but there are several issues with this approach.

First up, if an accident or natural disaster occurs, the on-site backup centre would likely be destroyed alongside the primary data centre.

Another case might be a malicious data hack or ransomware attack, where hackers attempt to steal or disrupt your data and then force you to pay a ransom to get their data back.

In both of these cases, a simple off-site data solution would completely negate the effects of the data disruption, since all the data can be recovered in full after the events.

Types of Off-Site Backup

There are two main types of offsite backup methods that are used today:

Cloud based backup

Tape based backup

A cloud-based backup is the method that we most commonly use, and stores your company’s data on a remote server in different location.

A tape-based backup, also known as physical backups, is when your data is stored on a physical device which is not connected to a network or the internet.

Cloud Based Backup

A cloud-based backup method is the most favoured method of securing company data.

The company data with be sent over a network or via cloud seeding to send a copy of a disk drive from a computer to a server in another location.

The benefits of a cloud-based backup is the fact that it is generally very secure, accessible at any time, and regular backups can be scheduled so that new data is synced with the server.

One of the only downsides to this method is the costs involved, since they can escalate quite quickly if you have a lot of data to be managed.

As an example, if your storage costs £0.005 per gigabyte per month, it will cost £6,000 to store 100TB for a year.

Tape Backup Methods

Tape based offsite backups is when data is stored in a physical medium that is not tied to any network connections.

These are usually in the form of hard drives, which are uploaded with all the data the company needs then stored remotely in an offsite location for security.

This method is simple and effective, but care needs to be taken to ensure that it is carried out in the proper fashion, for example proper encryption and protection for the files.

The costs are similar if not a bit cheaper than cloud storage, however you must also factor in the storage costs for the drives, which can ramp up the price a bit.

Common Features of an Off-Site Backup

Although every IT company will have their own approach, generally it is accepted that there are some key common features of an off site backup:

Hybrid backup – combination of cloud backups and local backups for maximum security

Disaster recovery service – enables companies to recover from a disaster within 24 hours

File sync and share – sync and share from multiple locations

Snapshots – see overview of previous backups

Data lifecycle management – reduce used space and costs by automatically deleting outdated backups

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